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An escape room is a physical form of the classic escape the room games you may have encountered on the internet or games from the app store or through other consoles.


Basically participants are placed inside a room, work together as a team to unravel the mystery of their room by using various elements of the room to find clues and solve all the puzzles to escape.


If you don't escape within the time limit, do not fret as one of our game masters will enter the room and offer your team assistance for the remainder of the game!

​I have never done an escape room before, how does it work?

Do I need any specific knowledge or skills?​

No, our escape rooms are designed for everyone who enjoy being challenged! All of our puzzles can be solved by using basic logical thinking skills, good team work and overall creativity!

Are the rooms dangerous?

All players will be briefed before they enter the room, the Game Master will explain all safety rules and other instructions. Appropriate labels are also on any potentially dangerous props.

is there an age limit?

Our rooms are designed to suit everyone from age 13 and up! However, anyone under 13 is welcome to come and challenge our rooms given that they are accompanied by a guardian as well!

There’s more than 6 people in my team,

can we all play in the same room?

A majority of escape rooms have set 6 as the maximum number of people in teams to ensure that it does not exceed the room capacity. However at Lost, we have designed our rooms to fix capacities of 8 and more! Simply check out our rooms for more details.

We’ve booked for a certain number but more showed up.

Can we still play?

Not to fret! You can still play your chosen room depending on team numbers and room capacity, but our staff members will sort it all out for you.

What time should I arrive? What if I’m late?

To ensure that everyone has a great time and that nobody gets left out, your punctuality would be greatly appreciated! Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time, just to ensure that everyone is on the same page! If you arrive late, you’ll possibly have less time to play in order to allow the next team to start on time.

How do I change or cancel my booking?

Changes can be made to your booking by contacting us through email or giving us a call during our trading hours within 48 hours and this also applies for cancellations.

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