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Time: 35 mins   Participants: 2-8 people  Difficulty: 3/5

Php 450 per person for 2-4 players

Php 400 per person for 5-6 players

Php 350 per person for 7+ players

America’s most infamous prison – Alcatraz, is a maximum security federal prison and the final stop for the most notorious prisoners. Given its high security and the islands location in the cold waters and strong currents of San Francisco Bay, prison operators believed Alcatraz to be escape-proof. Many have tried to escape, but no one was ever successful.

One dreary night in 1962, three very cunning prisoners planned their great escape and managed to leave the island. Upto this day, no one knows how the prisoners made it out.

You are a very persistent journalist who is very eager to figure out how they broke free. You snuck in while the security guards were changing shifts to get the facts straight, get out, and publish THE story of the year! Will you be able to do it?


Time: 45 mins   Participants: 2-8 people  Difficulty: 3.5/5

On the morning of March 18,1990, the security guards of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston allowed the entry of two policemen responding to a disturbance call. Upon entering, the alleged policemen quickly tied up the museum guards. Then over the next hour, committed the largest recorded value theft of private property in history. Despite diligent efforts by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and multiple probes around the world, no arrests have been made and thirteen pieces of art valued at $500 Million U.S. Dollars remain unrecovered. To this day, this remains the largest unsolved art heist. Do you think you got what it takes to solve this case?

Php 550 per person for 2-4 players

Php 500 per person for 5-6 players

Php 450 per person for 7+ players


Time: 60 mins   Participants: 2-8 people  Difficulty: 4.5/5

Php 700 per person for 2-4 players

Php 650 per person for 5-6 players

Php 600 per person for 7+ players

The Key of Solomon is a medieval grimoire or book of spells attributed to Solomon. The first section includes a variety of chants, spells, and curses to summon or restrain demons and the spirits of the dead.

The existing manuscript - a short and incomplete copy of a 17th century publication has been hidden for centuries in a mysterious room found in the library of the world’s most prestigious magic school, which only a few scholars have ever set foot on.

As one of the greatest symbologists, you are lucky enough to receive a special invitation from an Archmage to visit this magic school. However, upon your arrival... you find no one in

sight! As you continue to venture into a hallway, you get sucked in by a portal that transported you to another dimension. Your heart races and you panic as you think of how you can get yourself back. Soon enough, you hear another portal opening from a distance.


You have only 45 minutes to find this portal before it closes and traps you forever. Hurry!


Time: 45 mins   Participants: 2-12 people  Difficulty: 45/5

Atlantis -- the lost empire, disappeared from the Atlantic Ocean more than 10,000 years ago. It has been told that the Atlanteans turned greedy and corrupt, which summoned the wrath of Zeus! In one violent surge, the city was swallowed by the sea and is now gone forever. Archaeologists have found that this might be a true story, but the mystery has not yet been solved.


What really happened? Are you brave enough to go deep down into the depths of the ocean to find out?

Php 650 per person for 2-4 players

Php 600 per person for 5-6 players

Php 550 per person for 7+ players

THe walled city of kowloon

Time: 60 mins   Participants: 2-10 people  Difficulty: 5/5

Known as “The Ungoverned”, the Kowloon Walled City got its alias from being lawless at a time when it was completely abandoned by the governments of China, Hong Kong, and Great Britain. It easily developed into a hotbed of evil where prostitution, gambling and drug abuse proliferated.

In the 70’s, the Walled City was known to be the most populated location in the world with densely packed buildings and houses with extremely narrow streets that were close to impossible to navigate.

While exploring Hong Kong, you find yourself wandering the dark alleys of the Walled City. Your hands start to sweat and you could hear your heart madly beating as you begin to feel claustrophobic from the packed buildings closing in on you. Can you push away your fear and find your way back out to safety?

Php 700 per person for 2-4 players

Php 650 per person for 5-6 players

Php 600 per person for 7+ players

50% OFF for ages 6 to 12
* Provided that they are accompanied inside by an adult 

* STRICTLY with adult supervision *1 adult for every 2 kids

* Must present ID as proof of age

* Ages 5 and below are not allowed to enter the escape rooms

*published prices are subject to change